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Upgrade TC3 Land with NZ Ground Improvement's Ground Improvement Technology

NZ Ground Improvement is a soil improvement service providing state-of-the-art stone column soil remediation to bring your land to a higher grade, improving building safety and stability. Our services densify and reinforce your soil, lowering building foundation costs and greatly reducing the risk of future liquefaction on your land.

Our mission is to offer highly engineered cost effective solutions specifically designed for each customer's site. We partner with the most experienced designers both locally and internationally and combine this with significant investment in rig technology. Our specialty is offering design build solutions at affordable rates. 
Stone piling in New Zealand
The gravel material used in our ground improvement technique is a very specific and unique grading made specific from local material for Christchurch conditions, i.e. specific grading and broken face content.

Why TC3 Soil Improvement Matters: Costs & Benefits

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For each client we begin by assessing the technical feasibilities of what can be achieved in terms of ground improvement on your land. We balance a scientific assessment of possibilities with economic considerations to develop the best custom solution that will deliver you the highest grade of land possible for a cost that makes sense.

By upgrading the soil quality of your TC3 land, you open up new building options that improve safety and reduce costs. These options are often less expensive than TC3 foundations (or comparable in price). By building on stone columns you end up with a comparable or lower cost for a much safer, more stable foundation and negated risk of liquefaction on your property.

How Our Ground Improvement Services Work

NZ Ground Improvement handles the entire ground improvement process for you from start to finish. Our independent expert designers create a tailored solution for your property, with soil improvement goals and key metrics laid out in detail. We use dedicated precision rig technology, unmatched by any other company in New Zealand, to inject a unique grade of locally-sourced stone which is compacted to form columns, densifying and strengthening the surrounding soil.

The process typically takes between three days and several weeks depending on the size of the site and initial condition of the soil. We track progress via our sophisticated GPS technology and test rigorously to ensure the work matches specifications down to the millimeter. The end result is an upgraded, stable, safe piece of land ready for your builders to move in and commence work on.

More effective than other ground improvement alternatives, stone piling provides superior protection against the risks of future earthquake-induced liquefaction in Christchurch.

Read more about our Services and Capabilities, or give us a call today on 03 323 9960 to discuss your project.
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