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Our Land Remediation Capabilities & Vibroflot Technology

Our unique Vibroflot technology allows us to carry out soil improvement and contaminated land remediation projects with a level of precision and quality unrivalled by local competitors.

We are the only stone column company in New Zealand using precision GPS technology to track the accuracy of our work in real time. Our rigs have on-board computers installed which report to the rig operator on key metrics in real time as work is being carried out. 

Work is subsequently tested by independent geotechnical engineers who carry out precise soil sampling to ensure the installation maps to the design plan down to the finest detail. 

Other stone column installers in Christchurch simply don't have the rig technology and GPS tracking to ensure this level of precision, and the level of liquefaction risk reduction that comes with it.

Our rigs carry the most up to date Trimble GPS set out equipment and the Guhma QA program. This enables us to provide the engineers with a day to day opportunity to review and approve the job as it develops which reduces the clients program and cost risks, and provides general peace of mind, with no surprises looming at the post construction testing stage.

The BetterGround Dry Bottom Feed Stone Column technique is most suitable for the reduction of differential settlements and acceleration of time-settlement behaviour in cohesive and granular soils. 

BetterGround Land Remediation technology development began in the 1930's and continues into the current decade. Canterbury Stone Piling use the B27 dry bottom fed Vibroprobe system to install multiples of underground stone columns to produce a dense, liquifaction-resistant crust that is then suitable for more traditional, cost effective construction techniques.

Our Vibroflot technology is licensed by BetterGround, and we have support as required from Dr Willi Degen from Degen Engineering. The Degen family are the creators of the Vibroflot stone column design, (specialising in it since the 1930’s) and are involved in some of the world’s largest and most complicated remediation projects. 

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